Dr Nick Knight: the who, the why and the where?

The Who

I am a 30 year old Essex boy who has spent a stupid amout of time at University. Some will call it wasting time and a ton of money and you know what I won’t be able to tell them whether they are right on that one until I see the rewards of my fruits – or lack there-of. I should probably explain how it all happened – As a kid I wanted to be a Marine Officer. So what better degree than a degree in Exercise and Sports Sciences at Exeter University – that way I could understand how the human body and what might happen to mine under stress. But then what happens to any 21 year old man – no not herpes – I fell in love. When that love decided to go to Oxford University to do a PhD, guess what – so did I. Now if we gloss over the fact that she ditched me 6 months in and focus on the fact that I go to do an awesome PhD, well, that’s probably better for my ego. So four year at Oxford which saw me researching the effects of the human body and mind under stress, rowing as Captain for my College boat club, and travelling to Mount Everest to do high altitude research – well I think that initial heartbreak was well worthwhile! Ok, so yes I did say three universities didnt I. Well, after Oxford I told myself “never again – no more study – I want to be a man of means..” Cough…well 6 months into a job at an International healthcare consulting company in London I found myself staring at the (metaphorical) glass ceiling…so I left. Yup, that third university loomed – Southampton graduate medical school. Four years on I have just finished. It was a long four years, trust me. I think 11 years of university is a stretch too far and to be honest, I was close to walking out many a time. I mean, come on, I’ve been given 3 Fresher’s packs (condoms and cheap drink deals) in my lifetime and that’s three too many!

The Why

Although all a big traumatic I type this at 30 with a pretty cool skill set across health, science and medicine – and I love it! We are just an amazing living machine and when you put it in the context of modern living – well – we rival any Hollywood Blockbuster. This blog is a trial to share my experiences as I work as a junior doctor and also, concomittantly, as I try and write a book about Health – a book that is simple, punchy and to the point that is delivered not as hard science but as a conversation you might have with someone over a coffee. Simple, digestable and friendly.

The Where

Well, from August, I will be working as a junior doctor in a London hospital for the next two years. I’ll be living in South West London. I guess my experiences and book writing will take place in the halls of the hospital, A&E bays, and coffee shops…

The plan will be to do a weekly blog each Sunday. I hope you enjoy.




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