A new adventure begins..in a shell suit

A new adventure begins..in a shell suit

(written retrospectively)

It’s June 19th and I stand outside my new hospital where I’ll start work as a junior doctor in August.

It’s one of those stomach churning and exhilarating feelings – a bit like a first date…except this time I get paid rather than have to pay!

As with the start of any new job environment, I cautiously approached the main entrance to the hospital and took it in for a minute. It’s times like this that I say something to myself – and I don’t mind sharing it with you all – when you are on the verge of stepping into something that scares you but has to be done in order to progress I think “Right Nick, you’re here now. You can take option A – whimper, be timid, scared, drop your head, and feel like you can’t do it. Or, option B – take a breath, look forward, be respectfully confident (not arrogant) and believe in yourself”. It’s a case of Lions or Lambs.

As I stared at the entrance to the hospital, I made the choice for Option A…

Only kidding…

I took option B.

So with that promise made to myself to start this hospital journey as I meant to go on, I wandered into the Dragon’s Den and off to Human Resources…

Now since this blog is meant to keep you entertained, I am going to skim over the HR scene which left me in a pile of paperwork and confusion…and explain the photograph.

THAT ladies and gentlemen – is my new work outfit.

Admittedly it does look as though I have been in a wind-tunnel (bad hair day clearly!) and I clearly don’t think that I have mastered the art of the “selfie” as the youngers call a self taken photograph on Twitter or Facebook etc! It was however an exciting moment to be sized up for the new uniform that will identify me as a junior doctor. Ok, I felt a little like I was in an 80s shell tracksuit but I was also found myself catching my breath to think about how proud I was to be in it.

I am going to be a junior doctor. What a privilege…


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