Apparently Accident and Emergency “won’t kiss it better”…

This folks, is my favorite NHS promotional advert of all time!

It is a sign of the times – the melting pot of strained emergency services, inappropriate use and the more robust approach emerging from the NHS.

The question is – why the confusion? Is it us – the public, being more precious and launching ourselves head first into the A&E waiting lounge from a screeching car because “little Jimmy didnt smile as much as usual today” or is it the squeeze on the service causing the NHS to start ruling with an iron fist within the velvet glove? Either way – the times are a changing.

In about half a year I will be working in Accident and Emergency. I will be curious to see the mix of patients coming in through our doors. Maybe my opening question should be….”Have you ever seen the Ronsil(TM) advert?”

Afterall…Accident and Emergency is a bit like Ronsil – it does exactly what it says on the tin.

So come back when you actually need it!

…No no I can’t do that – I pride myself of my ‘soft’ skills…[cough]


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