“Lights. Camera. Action.” (…and then back to work)

Ok, so I know that I only wrote a blog a few days ago but today was such a pivotal day that it would be a failure upon my promise to share my adventure through medicine with you if I didnt. Before you wonder, no, I havent finally got a girlfriend, and no I havent (yet) seen the light and quit my job.

Instead today, I did my first ever filming shoot for a television programme in which I talk about some of the science behind the human body. Now I am sure you may be thinking, “hang on, where the hell did that come from?!”…so let me explain.

I love my job as a doctor. I think that we are by far and away the most interesting, dynamic, and ever-evolving natural machines on the planet. And every day I get to see that in action at work under the strains of illness, trauma and chronic disease – learning every day as I do so. Before I became a doctor I did other bits and bobs related to the human body too – a PhD (randomly, funded by the US Army) in Performance Human Physiology and Nutrition, and a degree in Sports and Exercise Science. What I guess I am trying to say is that I have continuously looked for a way to satiate my interest for the human body. That’s afterall part of the reason I write this blog – to share some of the fascinations that occur within us.

And SO we come full circle to the reason why! – About a year ago I realised that I wanted to share my love of science, health and medicine with others. Trying to teach my nana about the ‘stress response’ was just no longer doing it for me! And so I set about trying to find someone who would help me get into media as a scientist and doctor – for TV, radio, print and online – I mean why not? I am luckly, afterall, that I have a family who have always told me to dream big (and I do – EVERY day!). So, I managed to do that and now work with an amazing team from a very successful management company. It was this team that got me the first job in media – the one that I have elatedly completed today!

Now I’m not going to go into the details of the programme as that will all be revealed in the next month and I will come back to you all and tak about it. That said, let me tell you a few things about it:

(1) I was bloody nervous and definitely could have done with a strong whisky!

(2) I actually had someone bring me a towel to mop my brow (as apparently I was ‘glistening’) – note I did NOT request this!

(3) They do actually say “that’s a wrap” at the end which was of huge pleasure to me as a nobby novice..

(4) It turns out that those big lights they use with the cameras are REALLY bright – I am now nursing a headache 5 hours later…

It was such a fantastic buzz, I really cannot tell you, and what’s more is that I got to spend 3 hours talking about topics I love. It was the kind of day that I should really call work – but it just wasnt – it was shear bloody pleasure and joy. I am riding high. What’s more exciting is – I have another job like this lined up in 3 weeks time for a different project talking about another aspect of health. I can’t wait. You know, I meant to take a photograph of the set up but in the haze of enjoyment completely forget. Sorry!

At the same time though I am very guarded about all this. I am grounded, sensible and grateful for my role as a doctor and the responsibility that comes with it, as well as what society expects of me. I am aware that, sadly, the medical profession is not one that likes or encourages this sort of lateral deviation from traditional medicine. I am taking a risk. I hope that a pursuit of passion does not damage my career. Then again, in the pursuit of passion, risk is worth taking.

I imagine the response, once the programme is aired and I (hopefully!) do more work, will be a mix of negativity, deprication and mickey-taking. I am also well aware that this is just part of what I signed up for when I decided to start doing this sort of work. That said, I would hope for all the negativity there will also be a wave of positivity and support for what I am trying to do – forge a different sort of work stream, engage people with this amazingly cool topics, chase MY dream, and at the same time have a blast.

Who knows where it will take me, but if you are reading this right now – you are at the start of the journey with me, so thank you for reading and sharing in this with me.

Right, I must crack on, I have a case report of primary lung adenocarcinoma to write…and it’s not going to do itself. You won’t hear from me for 2 weeks now as I am on-call this Friday, Saturday and Sunday so will be working straight for the next 11 days.

No rest for the wicked 😉

Have a great week,

Dr Nick


1 thought on ““Lights. Camera. Action.” (…and then back to work)

  1. sounds exciting stuff! I think its good to branch out into less ‘traditional’ things in medicine – I think by following what you are passionate about will, in the reverse, keep you passionate about the ‘day-job’. Good on you 🙂

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