Like Arnie, I’m BACK. Three years a Doc.

Right, four months is a long time not to write to you all – especially since the one before that was only a flash in the pan about my life as on my paediatric rotation (where, admittedly most of the time was being handed babies all fresh from their caesarean sections 10 seconds earlier, and helping them breathe).
So, with that said I am here to make amends, to take a deep, refresh breath and start again with my blog. After-all, for some of you, you have read about me from the days before I became qualified…So let’s look at the numbers:
THREE years – that’s how long I’ve been qualified now
THIRTY THREE years – that’s how old I am now
EIGHT specialties – that’s how many I have rotated through (surgery, ITU, medicine, paediatrics, A&E, GP….)
ONE year – into my specialty training to become a qualified GP
TOO MANY – that’s the number of deaths I’ve born witness too as a doctor and the number of mistakes I have made as I learn
NOT ENOUGH – births – seeing a life stumble into the world will never get boring
So as I sit here on my sofa, what else has happened in my life. Well, I suppose the biggest change is that I have started watching ITV’s Good Morning Britain and not BBC Breakfast News….
Only kidding. Sorry, the jokes aren’t any better I’m afraid.
The big changes are that I am now happily engaged to a wonderful fiancĂ©, I am now a do-er upper of our new flat, and I am fast becoming familiar with the trials and tribulations of wedding planning, colour schemes and catering companies. The biggest trick of course is knowing when to nod supportingly or when to frown in agreement at her dislikes – though sometimes I still get it wrong.
So there we have it, after three years as a doctor I am now a 33 year old engaged, house-trained (partially) GP in training. A great feeling I have to say.
BUT….and there’s always a but – I want to share with you more of my medical adventures, trials and tribulations on the wards, and my ongoing personal game to see if I can make it as a media medic. So keep reading, spread the word if you can about my blog and follow me on Twitter (@Dr_NickKnight).
I’ll aim to blog every Sunday.
Until next week, stay healthy and happy and keep your chin up.

2 thoughts on “Like Arnie, I’m BACK. Three years a Doc.

  1. We would like to use material from your blog within our International Examination Papers. Can someone please contact me about this?

    Many thanks.

    Diane Hudson-Sharpe
    Copyright Administrator
    Cambridge International Examinations
    1 Hills Road
    CB1 2EU

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