Dr Nick Knight

Doctor ¦ Scientist ¦ Writer ¦ Health Optimist


Please let me introduce myself – my name is Nick knight. I am a life-loving, energetic doctor based in a London Hospital. The past 14 years have seen me explore how the body and mind functions under stress, through a degree in Exercise and Sports Sciences, an Oxford PhD in Human Performance, and now as a medical doctor. These passions have seen me train a 4 man crew to row 3,100 miles across the Indian Ocean and perform research at Mount Everest Base-camp.

I have also dipped my toe into media as well; this has included writing for the Independent Online, Equinox and BBC Newsbeat, being a talking head for the TV series “What Have I Got” on TLC for Discovery, speaking live on BBC News 24 regarding the A&E crisis, and being an online video expert for the Island with Bear Grylls.

This blog aims to chart the highs and lows of life as a doctor….



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Very interesting bio. But why oh why has this been written in the third person? ‘You’ write the articles for ‘your’ blog, don’t you?! The only reason I can think of for adopting the third person narrative is not wishing to come across as too full of yourself, perhaps. I don’t know. Don’t hide your light behind a bushel!

  2. Great Blog! Found it via the Indo article on the liver (my 2nd favourite organ .. to misquote Woody Allen) – i’m living in Ireland having tried London from age 17 – married with 1 teenage rugby mad son 🙂

  3. I love watching u on ‘what have i got’. I’d like to know more about u not just about what u wrote on the blog but more to ur personal life. Ur birthplace & date, family, relationships, or any other non-medical history.. oh well, maybe i’m asking too much! 🙂

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