Did I just experience “Eat Pray Love”?


I did have something else in mind for my blog this week but I had to demote it to talk about something that, at this moment in time, has truly captured my imagination, thoughts, and to be quiet honest given me a wave of positivity.

It’s Sunday morning, so I do what I always do on a Sunday morning, I get up early-ish (but after the sun has come up – unlike my working week), have some oats and throw on my running gear, heading out to the park. Now I live in Battersea and so have the luxury of having the beautiful Battersea Park that nestles next to the river Thames as my treadmill. As I say, I do this every Saturday and Sunday. But like much of life sometimes we stop looking and instead just see without interpreting.

Today I interpreted.

The world is full of duality. There is good and evil, light and dark, happiness and sadness – you name it and there is an opposite. The way in which we decide which side of duality we want our lives to fall into is a personal one. It is also, I am sure you may agree, very easy to fall onto the side of darkness, fear, sadness and pessimism. After all the media floods our lives with fear and doubt – murder, crime, untrustworthy government, tragedy all part of our daily feel of what the world is life. This influences our choice of this duality and as such we are literally guided to a more negative state of mind. I am guilty of this sometimes. Personally, my most influencing moment was the London riots – they crushed my belief in my own city for a while and I lost hope in people. I am happy to say that this did not last but on reflection it is unbelievable who easily influenced we can be.

If we were to look to health it is no different – we are all fat, depressed, slobs according to most people you speak to or which paper you look at. We are all going to die of heart disease, strokes and suffer years of dementia as advanced medicine keeps our bodies alive as our minds deteriorate. Well I actively chose not to accept this perspective. Call me naive. Call me ignorant. It doesn’t matter. What matters is the perspective and positive mind-set that I – you – everyone has the capacity to hold. This is incredibly powerful. The more people in society that adopt it, the more power it has.

Today as I went for a run with the Spring sunshine on my face and the reflection of an (almost) inviting River Thames as London slowly woke up to another day of a million separate and personal stories that will unfold. Do you know what I saw?

Drunks? Slobs? Fights? Arguments? People looking depressed? No.

I saw every shape and size person out trying to walk or run for the first time this week, the die-hard runners breaking out their MARATHON FINISHER string vests as the temperature climbs, families having enticed their young kids away from the television or social media, dogs chasing other dogs (or rather oddly around a stationary stick…), and people smiling at other complete strangers.

As I finished my run, I usually stretch for 10-15minutes and in my head (yes I know this is sad!) run through what kind of week ahead I want to have and what I want to achieve. Today I spent over an hour because what I saw in that park, in the people there was so overwhelmingly positive, good, and uplifting in an ironically passive and non-deliberate manner that I wanted to drink it in.

Positivity is one of the best medicines we have for it frames our perspective which in turn feeds our actions. This benefits every pillar of our health: social, physical, psychological and spiritual. I for one will looking to carry this into my week.

This just leaves me to say – have a truly positive and brilliant week.

Dr Nick